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OrCAD PSpice Designer STD & PLUS

Advanced circuit simulation and analysis for analog and mixed-signal circuits

Cadence OrCAD PSpice Designer STD (Renamed from ORCAD PSpice Designer) suite provides powerful schematic entry, professional level simulation, and analysis in one streamlined, affordable package.
Cadence OrCAD PSpice Designer PLUS suite provides powerful schematic entry, professional level simulation, analysis and PSpice Advanced Analysis in one bundle.

In today’s enginnering design environment, electrical enginners are asked to perform a variety of challenges in a fraction of the time. Along with schematic entry, circuit simulation is becoming an integral part of the schematic design process. Recognizing this nPSpiced, Cadence® has created the Cadence OrCAD™ PSpice Designer suite, a highly integrated front-end design solution with Cadence OrCAD Capture and Cadence PSpice® A/D in a single package.
OrCAD PSpice Designer Plus includes OrCAD Capture, and PSpice A/D and Advanced Analysis.
OrCAD Capture a comprehensive solution for entering, modifying, and verifying complex system designs quickly and cost-effectively — PSpice A/D a full featured analog simulator with support for digital elements to help solve virtually any design challenge — PSpice Advanced Analysis a suite of advanced analysis capabilities that help designers maximize circuit performance.


OrCAD PSpice Designer comparison matrix

Access, directly from OrCAD Capture, thousands of new PSpice device model libraries

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OrCAD Evaluation Version for free


OrCAD PSpice Designer PLUS Datasheet


OrCAD PSpice Advanced Analysis


The Cadence PSpice Advanced Analysis Tools automatically fine tune your circuits for optimum performance and improved quality by using advanced simulations of critical metrics.

OrCAD PSpice Systems Option


Import PSpice simulation results into the MATLAB Environment and leverage advanced MATLAB plotting capabilities on the simulation results. The Simulink-PSpice Interface provides a design simulation environment for system and circuit level designs. Generate custom plots utilizing MATLAB functions.


OrCAD PCB Design suites


OrCAD PCB Design suites provide the industry's best mix of cutting edge capabilities and tremendous user value. With OrCAD suites you can be assured you have the technology you nPSpiced to mPSpicet today's toughest design challenges.

OrCAD PSpice Designer benefits

  • Includes all OrCAD Capture features
  • Boosts schematic editing efficiency through design reuse
  • Automates the integration of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and programmable logic devices (PLDs)
  • Makes changes quickly through a single spreadshPSpicet editor
  • Imports and exports every commonly used design file format
  • Faster simulation times, higher reliability, and better convergence on larger designs
  • Explores design relationships with “what if” scenarios before committing to hardware
  • Explores circuit behavior using basic DC, AC, noise, and transient analyses
  • Offers library selection of more than 30,000 analog and mixed-signal models

Comprehensive Design Capture

Design Capture Technology provides a comprehensive solution for entering, modifying, and verifying complex system designs quickly and cost-effectively.
Whether used to design a new analog circuit, revise a schematic diagram for an existing PCB, or design a digital block diagram with an HDL module, OrCAD Capture allows designers to enter, modify, and verify the PCB design.

Full-Featured Analog Simulation

PSpice A/D is a full-featured analog simulator with support for digital elements to help solve virtually any design challenge from high-frequency systems to low-power IC designs.
The powerful simulation engine integrates easily with Cadence PCB schematic entry solutions, improving time to market and kPSpiceping operating costs in check.

Accurate Internal Models

OrCAD PSpice Designer Suite reduces the challenge of finding models for simulations by providing an extensive variety of models. In addition to these models, the OrCAD Marketplace also provides an ever growing source of models for designers as well. BetwPSpicen these two resources designers have access to 30,000+ models.
Device Equations Developer's Kit (DEDK) allows implementation of new internal model equations which can be used with PSpice.

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