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OrCAD Capture CIS

Schematic design solution including an advanced component information system

Schematic Editor & Componant Information System OrCAD Capture CIS

OrCAD Capture CIS integrates the schematic design application with the features of a component information system (CIS) to streamline production, and help Capture users design more intelligently. CIS gives designers important component information at their fingertips which helps them to reduce production delays and cost overruns through efficient management of components. CIS also augments the time savings of a highly efficient schematic entry tool by reducing the time spent searching for existing parts to reuse, manually entering part information content, and maintaining component data.


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OrCAD Capture Marketplace


The OrCAD Capture Marketplace is a complete PCB ecosystem that includes an industry-first online store for applications and an excellent way for PCB designers to access design and component data. The apps available in the Marketplace provide custom features to further enhance and extend the OrCAD environment, and increase productivity.

OrCAD PCB Design suites


OrCAD PCB Design suites provide the industry's best mix of cutting edge capabilities and tremendous user value. With OrCAD suites you can be assured you have the technology you need to meet today's toughest design challenges.


OrCAD PSpice Designer suites


Cadence OrCAD PSpice Designer suites provide powerful schematic entry, professional level simulation, and analysis in one streamlined, affordable package.


OrCAD Capture CIS benefits

  • OrCAD Capture integrated with a robust component information system (CIS) to promote reuse of preferred, current parts
  • Accelerates the design process and lowers project costs 
  • Reduces time spent researching parts
  • Enables intelligent component selection with access to MRP, ERP, and PLM data
  • Provides access to more than two million parts with Cadence ActiveParts
  • Advanced BOM Generation
  • Design variants capability

Component Information System

The Component Information System (CIS) is a central part of the OrCAD Capture design solution. Using CIS provides designers with shared a searchable database to utilize while completing their designs. It also promotes reuse of component information instead of individual repeated effort. It automatically synchronizes and validates the externally sourced data with the schematic design database. CIS works with any database that complies with Microsoft's ODBC standard to directly access data in an MRP, ERP, or PLM system, or in an intermediate database dedicated to engineering component data. With easy access to component databases and part information, designers can reduce the amount of time spent researching parts. CIS allows users to identify, utilize, and design with preferred components. Parts can be queried based on their electrical, physical, or corporate characteristics, then be automatically retrieved for use in the schematic. Adding components directly from company databases minimizes errors in bills of materials (BOMs) and parts lists, and allows control of part usage for industry directives such as RoHS and WEEE.

Design Variants Management

With the design variants capability, designers can manage unlimited board assembly variations without having to maintain duplicate schematics... or manually edit BOMs. This feature is incredibly powerful for designers and leads to the following time saving benefits: •Reduces the number of files to handle by maintaining all design assembly variations within a single file •Modify the core schematic design and see the change automatically reflected throughout all assembly variations •Ensure the integrity of component data in each assembly through the property verification utility •Identify substituted and non-placed components within each assembly, assisted by graphical indicators and comparison reports •Generate schematic printouts and BOMs for each assembly at any point in the design process.

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