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Artedas Europe


The winning equation: reliable, efficient, scalable, sustainable!

Artedas® was created out of a valued business proposition from two EDA solutions leaders in Europe; Artedas in France and Artedas in Italia.
The OrCAD™ software suite, by Cadence® , was launched in France and Italy in the mid-1980s, and was introduced by Artedas France and Artedas Italia. As of today, Artedas remains the undisputed OrCAD specialist in the EMA regions: Southern Europe (except Spain & Portugal), Middle East (except Isarel) and Africa (except South-Africa).
In order to capitalize on the development potential in EMEA, Artedas Europe is now acting as a central purchasing entity for all its federated EMEA partners.
As Cadence's sole representative, Artedas can now share the benefits of privileged prices and services with all the members of its organizations.
Artedas Europe today offers the best educational and industrial solutions in EDA. And through its federated distribution network, products and services are tailored to the individual needs and country requirements.

Artedas® est née de l'idée de ses deux fondateurs : Artedas en France, spécialiste incontournable des logiciels OrCAD depuis rachetés par Cadence, qu'elle a introduit en France dans le milieu des années 80, et Artedas en Italie, qui fit de même en Italie.
Misant sur les perspectives de développement prometteuses des pays du bassin méditerranéen, du moyen orient et de l'Afrique (EMEA), Artedas, sur le modèle d'une centrale d'achats, en a fédéré tous ses mandataires au sein d'une même entité.
Devenue l'interlocuteur unique et privilégié de Cadence, Artedas permet ainsi à l'ensemble de ses membres de bénéficier des mêmes prix et services.
Aujourd'hui, à travers le réseau de distribution de chacun de ses membres, Artedas Europe propose ce qui se fait de mieux dans la CAO électronique, tant pour l'enseignement que pour l'industrie, et tout en respectant le modèle économique de chaque pays.

Artedas® nasce dalla stretta collaborazione di due aziende leader delle soluzioni EDA in Europa : Artedas Italia e Artedas France.
La suite Cadence OrCAD è stata introdotta da Artedas Italia e Artedas France nei loro rispettivi territori a metà degli anni '80. Ad oggi, Artedas rimane l'indiscusso specialista OrCAD in Sud Europa, Medio Oriente e Africa (EMEA).
Al fine di sfruttare al meglio il potenziale di sviluppo dell'area EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Artedas agisce come un'entità centrale di acquisto per tutti i suoi partner EMEA federati.
Come unico rappresentante di Cadence, Artedas permette di beneficiare degli stessi prezzi e degli stessi servizi a tutti i suoi clienti.
Oggi Artedas, grazie alla rete di distribuzione di ogni suo membro, offre il meglio del mercato EDA sia per il mondo scolastico sia per l'industria, e tutto nel rispetto dei modelli economici di ciascun paese.

ولدت Artedas® من فكرة اثنين من مؤسسيها، الأول  Artedas فرنسا المتخصص في تسويق البرنامج المعلوماتي  OrCAD 
و الذي اشترته  Cadence منذ منتصف الثمانينات من القرن الماضي. 
و الثاني Artedas   إيطاليا الذي فعل الشيء نفسه في إيطاليا.
بناء على آفاق التطور الواعد لبلدان حوض البحر الأبيض المتوسط و الشرق الأوسط و إفريقيا, قررت  Artedas  جمع  وكلائها في هذه الأقطار على غرار مركز للتسويق.
أصبحت  Artedas المحاور الوحيد والمتميز لشركة Cadence مما يتيح لجميع أعضائها التمتع بنفس الأسعار و الخدمات, و هي توفر اليوم من خلال شبكت توزيع أعضائها, أفضل منتوج EDA في ميدان التعليم و الصناعة مع احترام النموذج الإقتصادي لكل بلد.  

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By seeking out solutions to today's most difficult challenges, Artedas has benefited with a stronger product offering. In return, our customers have benefited with leading edge technologies!


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OrCAD a complete design solution


OrCAD PCB solutions provide a complete environment from initial schematic to final artwork. The platform delivers a complete, integrated workflow.


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Unlike other EDA solutions, Cadence Allegro & OrCAD tools have the ability to grow with evolving design challenges providing the security of scalability for future challenges.


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Corporate registries

  • Corporate full name: "Artedas Europe"- S.à.r.l.
  • Head office: 1 bis, avenue Foch - 94100 Saint-Maur - France
  • Date of incorporation: 2010
  • Authorized capital: 20 000 Euros
  • Business and company registry number. : 527 708 606 - NAF code: 4651 Z
  • Intra-communal VAT number: FR82 527 708 606
  • France agency for trade marks registering (INPI): Trade mark #10 3 748 699 - 2010-06-24
    European Union agency for trade marks registering (OHMI): Trade mark #009561184 - 2010-11-30