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OrCAD Capture

Fast, intuitive PCB schematic design solution

OrCAD Capture is the industry standard solution for PCB development due to its intuitive schematic editing, project management, extensive compatibility, and cost effectiveness.

OrCAD™ Capture is one of the most widely used schematic design solutions for the creation and documentation of electrical circuits. Coupled with the optional OrCAD CIS (component information system) product for component data management, along with highly integrated flows supporting the engineering process, OrCAD Capture is one of the most powerful design environments for taking today's product creation from concept to production.


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New functions (2018 Release - S049)- Constraint Manager: Prevent constly errors with Real-Time PCB Design


OrCAD Capture Datasheet


OrCAD Capture Marketplace


The OrCAD Capture Marketplace is a complete PCB ecosystem that includes an industry-first online store for applications and an excellent way for PCB designers to access design and component data. The apps available in the Marketplace provide custom features to further enhance and extend the OrCAD environment, and increase productivity.

OrCAD PCB Design suites


OrCAD PCB Design suites provide the industry's best mix of cutting edge capabilities and tremendous user value. With OrCAD suites you can be assured you have the technology you need to meet today's toughest design challenges.


OrCAD PSpice Designer suites


Cadence OrCAD PSpice Designer suites provide powerful schematic entry, professional level simulation, and analysis in one streamlined, affordable package.


OrCAD Capture benefits

  • Ease of Use & Productivity. Provides fast, intuitive schematic editing
  • Integrated Design Flows
  • Boosts efficiency with hierarchical and variant design capabilities
  • Seamless integration with OrCAD PCB Editor
  • Automates the integration of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and programmable logic devices (PLDs)
  • Makes changes quickly through a single spreadsheet editor
  • Automated wiring
  • Custom Design Rule Check
  • Imports and exports every commonly used design file format
  • Access the library editor directly from the user interface
  • Create and edit parts without interrupting workflow
  • Open Architecture Platform
  • Export DXF files and more than 30 netlist formats, including VHDL, Verilog®, PSpice, SPICE & PADS
  • Cross-probing interface with OrCAD PCB Editor, OrCAD PSpice & Allegro PCB
  • The Capture CIS option streamlines production, and help Capture users design more intelligently. CIS option gives designers important component information at their fingertips which helps them to reduce production delays and cost overruns through efficient management of components

Industry Standard Schematic Editor

The flat and hierarchical schematic page editor of OrCAD Capture builds on the OrCAD legacy of fast and easy schematic editing.
It combines an intuitive interface with the features and functionality needed to speed design tasks and facilitate circuit creation. The autowire capability, for example, automates the often tedious and time-consuming task of wiring signal pins. Wiring between component pins is as simple as selecting a starting pin and a destination pin and letting the software automatically and quickly add the connection. For larger, more complex designs, OrCAD Capture supports multi-sheet and hierarchical designs. It also makes hierarchical designs easy to traverse and ensures that all connections are maintained accurately throughout the design.

Hierarchical Design (reuse)

The hierarchical design flow in Capture boosts schematic editing efficiency by enabling subcircuit reuse—without having to make multiple copies.
The re-use of existing logical circuits that have already been tested and proven is one of the best ways to reduce cycle time and maximize quality. Having already been placed, routed, and validated on a previous design, the effort that went into the original design can be preserved. Typical examples include power supply modules, RF circuit designs, multichannel circuits (I/O, drivers, etc.), and memory.

Support for Multiple Design Flows

Cadence OrCAD Capture is so widely used because it is compatible with every major design flow available.
Because of Capture's long standing popularity, tools have been designed to work with Capture. This is primarily accomplished by the netlists that Capture creates. Capture also passes the rules of the schematic on the the layout tool, which saves significant repeated effort. Capture is the one schematic tool that you can be confident will provide you with the necessary compatibility for PCB layout and Simulation.

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