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Pre- and post-layout topology exploration and signal integrity analysis

OrCAD PCB SI enables early identification and resolution of electrical performance issues.

OrCAD™ PCB SI is an integrated analysis environment that delivers powerful simulation technology to help find and address signal integrity (SI) issues throughout the design process—from circuit design in the schematic to board placement and routing. It enables pre- and post-layout topology exploration, signal analysis, and validation. With OrCAD PCB SI, you can increase circuit reliability and drive known-good interconnect requirements throughout the PCB design flow to reduce re-spins


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OrCAD PCB SI Datasheet




OrCAD Engineering Data Management (EDM) provides a comprehensive collaboration and management environment for OrCAD Capture users. Fully integrated within the OrCAD Capture environment, OrCAD EDM enables multiple engineers to take advantage of the time-to-market benefits gained from team based design, while eliminating the challenges associated with managing distributed design data.

OrCAD PCB Designer Professional


OrCAD PCB Designer Professional allows for advanced PCB editing by providing full differential pair support. This support allows for automatic pair generation, interactive routing, and real time rule checking using Constraint manager.


OrCAD Documentation Editor


OrCAD Documentation Editor is a PCB documentation-authoring tool that intelligently automates your documentation creation process to produce complex PCB documentation in a fraction of the time versus traditional methods.

OrCAD PCB SI benefits

  • Enables pre- and post-route SI analysis at any stage of the design cycle
  • Powerful simulation technology ensures quick and accurate analysis of interconnect affects
  • Explore, analyze, and design interconnect topologies to increase circuit reliability, improve performance, and reduce re-spins
  • Drive correct PCB implementation by converting analysis results into design constraints embedded directly within the PCB Editor database
  • Eliminate translation errors through direct integration with PCB Editor database
  • Easily validate simulation models to ensure correct simulation results

Analysis and Design Environment

OrCAD PCB signal integrity (SI) provides a scalable, highly cost effective pre- and post-layout system interconnect design and analysis environment.
PCB SI delivers advanced, board level analysis and is tightly integrated with OrCAD PCB Designer. By analyzing their design pre-layout designers can better anticipate and resolve potential design issues, resulting in higher quality designs and fewer iterations. By doing this analysis pre-layout designers can determine the proper rules and constraints for their design. This starts design on the correct path, meaning less revision will be necessary later in the design process. Also, with PCB SI you can test changes at any time during the design. It is easy to generate design constraints from simulation results to drive board implementation and make revisions. Constraints and models are embedded directly in the board design file.

Model Integrity

The Model Integrity module provides an editing environment within OrCAD PCB SI that allows the creation, manipulation, and validation of models quickly and easily.
This module includes a model browser and syntax checker for models written in IBIS as well as for advanced models written in DML. OrCAD PCB SI accepts device models from a variety of digital modeling formats— including support for the IBIS modeling standard—which means models created by most semiconductor manufacturers can be used. In addition, OrCAD PCB SI provides DML, a next-generation modeling language for more complex devices. This flexible macro-modeling extension language augments IBIS and allows state-of-the-art I/O functionality to be modeled quickly and accurately.

SigXplorer Module

OrCAD PCB SI provides an electrical view of the physical interconnect and a simulation cockpit for analysis of critical high-speed signals.
Users can explore a net before schematics are created by using the SigXplorer module in a standalone mode. SigXplorer provides various stripline and microstrip models–lossy or lossless–to get started with the exploration. Since OrCAD PCB SI integrates seamlessly with OrCAD PCB Editor, users can extract a net in the pre-route or post-route stage right into SigXplorer. Users can then quickly analyze the signal using SPICE-based simulation.
SigXplorer also provides graphical topology exploration for pre and post-route design functionality. View, simulate, and edit topologies. Sweep topology parameters to identify solution space. Solution space becomes a constraint that guides PCB designers to first-pass electrical compliance.

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