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OrCAD Library Builder

Automated symbol and PCB footprint generation

OrCAD Library Builder is an automated solution for part creation..

Advanced PDF datasheet extraction drives schematic symbol and PCB footprint/land pattern creation, eliminating traditional error-prone manual processes and creating accurate component libraries in a fraction of the time.
Symbols and footprints are the building blocks of PCB design. For many designers building these device models means a significant time investment due to error prone repetitive manual entry. Manual processes are becoming unfeasible and impractical now that some individual components can contain 2,000 pins or more. To solve this problem Cadence® offers OrCAD™ Library Builder, a highly automated tool for component library population.


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OrCAD Library Builder


OrCAD Capture Marketplace


The OrCAD Capture Marketplace is a complete PCB ecosystem that includes an industry-first online store for applications and an excellent way for PCB designers to access design and component data. The apps available in the Marketplace provide custom features to further enhance and extend the OrCAD environment, and increase productivity.

OrCAD PCB Design suites


OrCAD PCB Design suites provide the industry's best mix of cutting edge capabilities and tremendous user value. With OrCAD suites you can be assured you have the technology you need to meet today's toughest design challenges.


OrCAD PSpice Designer suites


Cadence OrCAD PSspice Designer suites provide powerful schematic entry, professional level simulation, and analysis in one streamlined, affordable package.


OrCAD Library Builder benefits

  • Eliminate countless hours of manual entry with the most advanced PDF data sheet extraction technology
  • Extract data from pin tables and diagrams
  • Quickly build and manage complex symbols with 1000's of pins 
  • Efficiently prepare OrCAD ready symbols with unique pin name creation, intelligent pin assignment, and symbol fracturing 
  • Automate the generation of complex PCB footprint models 
  • Reduce human error and increase consistency with reports that check accuracy
  • Significantly decrease part creation time
  • Creation of STEP 3D models

Symbol Creation

The Symbol generation capabilities of OrCAD Library Builder allow users to extract datasheet specifications, format and check the data, and export to their schematic tool.
Symbol creation time savings begin with advanced datasheet extraction. The tool quickly converts PDF data into a useable format, a difficult, repetitive, and error prone task to complete manually. It also imports BGA maps, SOIC diagrams, QFP packages and other visual data; a useful capability that is not available in most extraction tools.
OrCAD Library Builder makes formatting and checking efficient with tools for quickly inputting column assignments and removing unwanted data. Users are no longer required to partition the symbol set prior to the building of the symbols. Designers can make assignments of pins to interface groups, and assign pins at a higher level of abstraction. Reports can then be run to check for accuracy and completeness before generating the symbol for your host CAD tool.

Circular Connector Creation

OrCAD Library Builder quickly produces the necessary PCB Layout footprints of Circular connectors.
Due to their shape, creating footprints for circular connectors can be a very tedious and time consuming task involving repetitive entry of pin X,Y coordinates. With the OrCAD Library Builder footprint generator the process is very simple and highly automated. The tool extracts the pin coordinates from the datasheet; the designer then formats the data and generates a footprint. OrCAD Library Builder is the easiest and fastest way to create these connectors.

Automated 3D Model Generation with OrCAD Library Builder

See how OrCAD Library build can automatically generate realistic 3D models of your electrical components as part of the library creation process.

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