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OrCAD PCB Editor

La solution professionel de conception de circuits imprimés

PCB Editor contains full-featured PCB editor based on Allegro technology; its extensive feature set addresses a wide range of today's design challenges and manufacturability concerns.

Cadence® OrCAD™ PCB Editor is an intuitive, easy-to-use, constraint-driven environment for creating and editing simple to complex PCBs. It contains a fully integrated design flow that includes a constraint manager, design capture technology, component tools, a PCB editor, an auto/interactive router, and interfaces for manufacturing and mechanical CAD. OrCAD PCB Editor provides powerful, features that deliver controlled automation to maintain user control, while maximizing routing productivity. It also provides a powerful and flexible set of floorplanning tools, and etch creation/editing in a highly productive interconnect environment. The software can generate a full suite of phototooling, bare-board fabrication and test outputs.


OrCAD / Allegro Free Physical Viewer: View and Plot OrCAD and Allegro PCB Editor files (.brd)


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OrCAD PCB Designer Suites Datasheet




OrCAD Engineering Data Management (EDM) provides a comprehensive collaboration and management environment for OrCAD Capture users. Fully integrated within the OrCAD Capture environment, OrCAD EDM enables multiple engineers to take advantage of the time-to-market benefits gained from team based design, while eliminating the challenges associated with managing distributed design data.

OrCAD PSpice Designer Plus


OrCAD PSpice A/D combines industry-leading, native analog and mixed-signal engines to deliver a complete circuit simulation and verification solution that meets the changing simulation needs of designers at all stages of the design cycle.
OrCAD PSpice Designer Plus suite provides powerful schematic entry, professional level simulation, and analysis in one streamlined, affordable package.


OrCAD Documentation Editor


OrCAD Documentation Editor is a PCB documentation-authoring tool that intelligently automates your documentation creation process to produce complex PCB documentation in a fraction of the time versus traditional methods.

ORCAD PCB Editor benefits

  • Offers a proven, scalable, easy-to-use PCB editing and routing solution that grows as needed
  • Tight, front-to-back application integration increases productivity and ensures data integrity
  • A comprehensive feature set delivers a solution to take a design from concept to production
  • Common database architecture, use model, and library make collaboration simpler
  • Feature set addresses a wide range of design and manufacturability challenges
  • Allows engineers to explore various design configurations before committing to a specific circuit implementation

PCB Layout and Editing

OrCAD PCB Editor, an interactive environment for creating and editing simple to complex, multi-layer PCBs. The extensive feature set addresses...
a wide range of today's design and manufacturability challenges. OrCAD PCB Editor provides a powerful and flexible set of floorplanning tools and shape-based shove/hug interactive etch creation/ editing. Interactive, shape-based, any-angle, push/shove routing allows users to quickly solve interconnect challenges. Dynamic shape capability offers real-time copper pour plowing/healing functionality during placement and routing iterations.

Dynamic Shape Technology

Dynamic shape technology offers real-time copper pour plowing/healing functionality. Shape parameters can be applied at three different levels.
Parameters are structured into global, shape instance, and object-level hierarchies. Traces, vias, and components added to a dynamic shape will automatically plow and void through the shape. When items are removed, the shape will automatically fill back in. Dynamic shapes do not require batch autovoiding or other post-processing steps after edits are made.

Design for Manufacturing

A full suite of photo-tooling, bare-board fabrication and test outputs, including Gerber 274x to help design for manufacturing.
Bare-board tests can be generated in a variety of formats. More importantly, OrCAD PCB Editor supports the industry initiative towards Gerber-less manufacturing through its Valor ODB++ interface that also includes the Valor Universal Viewer. The ODB++ data format creates accurate and reliable manufacturing data for high-quality, Gerber-less manufacturing.

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