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Allegro PCB Designer Manufacturing Option

Streamline manufacturing handoff ad speed up PCB manufacturing documentation process from 60-80%

Cadence® Allegro® PCB Designer Manufacturing Option is a comprehensive, powerful, easyto- use suite of tools that makes it efficient and cost effective for PCB designers to streamline the development of a release-to-manufacturing package for their products. The Manufacturing Option includes three modules: Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Checker, Documentation Editor, and Panel Editor.

Finalizing the PCB design data for release-to-manufacturing is a critical and often fragile step within the new product introduction (NPI) process. The Allegro PCB Designer Manufacturing Option and its three key modules DFM Checker, Documentation Editor, and Panel Editor assist designers with an efficient and successful handoff to manufacturing by ensuring that the design adheres to all manufacturer's rules, and that the fabrication assembly intent is clearly specified in the PCB manufacturing documentation package.


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Cadence is a leading provider of EDA and semiconductor IP. Its custom/analog tools help engineers design the transistors, standard cells, and IP blocks that make up SoCs. Its digital tools automate the design and verification of giga-scale, giga-hertz SoCs at the latest semiconductor processing nodes. Its IC packaging and PCB tools permit the design of complete boards and subsystems


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Avantages of Allegro PCB Designer Manufacturing Option

  • Identifies insufficient spacing between design objects including pads, tracks, copper, drills, and vias of all types including blind, buried, laser, and back drilled
  • Identifies insufficient annular rings of pad, copper, or mask
  • Identifies insufficient spacing between SMD or through hole pads or parts
  • Identifies acid traps, solder bridge potential, isolated or starved thermal reliefs, and trace antennas
  • Identifies insufficient mask spacing, missing paste, missing solder mask, extra mask areas, or poor mask-to-pad ratios
  • Identifies overlapping, coincidental, or redundant drills, mill path errors, and poor drill-to-board thickness ratios
  • Creation and placement of unlimited views of the PCB. Each view can have its own display settings and can be formatted independently of the source data.
  • Tight integration with Allegro PCB Editor enables simple click-through passing of design data to expedite the drawing creation process
  • Intelligent automation saves hours, if not days, creating PCB drawings for fabrication, assembly, and inspection
  • Automatic creation of component assembly views, drill pattern view, details, and parts lists derived from the Allegro PCB CAD data, eliminates manual drawing of tedious document elements
  • Design changes made in Allegro PCB Editor are automatically propagated to all effected drawing elements, dramatically reducing time spent updating documentation due to the design changes
  • Automatic array creation in spreadsheet or auto-calculate mode using imported, intelligent Allegro PCB design data results in an optimized panel that includes as many PCBs as possible
  • Allows quick placement of top, bottom, drill pattern, or custom panel arrays on a drawing, as well as drill charts, note blocks, mill, and V-score details
  • Panel-level drill and coordinate charts allow the user to place a drill and coordinate charts reflective of all the PCBs contained in a panel to define all components, hole sizes, locations, symbols, and quantities for the entire panel. All of the formatting capabilities of the single-instance PCB drill and coordinate chart are also supported for panels. In addition, any pinning holes added to the panel are automatically included in the drill chart. Coordinate charts or the panel can be exported in CSV format to drive pick-and-place machinery
  • Automatic NC milling definition allows the route path around a PCB to be defined within a panel as well as the breakaway tabs, then the NC milling can be automatically applied to all the PCBs within the panel as well as merged route information for one unified NC milling path
  • Panel Drawing Detail wizards use the existing PCB and NC milling data to automatically depict mill tab and V-score details
  • Web Publisher allows for the creation of PCB release packages in HTML format
  • Flip panel support

Advanced Design Analyser

Design Analyzer correlates features within a PCB design—such as minimum trace width/spacing, number of layers, board size, and drill/via technologies—to the requirements of your preferred PCB fabricator. This correlation guarantees submitted designs will be fabricated without hidden costs or unexpected delays Design Analyzer's design reports contain all of the information required by a PCB fabricator for cost and delivery estimates of the fabricated PCB. Working collaboratively with the report in hand, PCB fabricators can make recommendations for design changes that result in significant cost and time savings while maintaining design intent. Design Analyzer bridges the gap between engineer and PCB fabricator by extracting key information about the PCB and presenting it in an easy-to-read format.

Documentation Editor

PCB documentation creates the manufacturing specification for an electronic product. Comprehensive documentation records the engineering "intent" of a design specifying the form, fit, and function of the PCB.
Documentation drives the procurement process, aids manufacturing engineering, and is used in final inspection to verify that the product was built to engineering's specification. It also gets archived to ensure later production runs can be repeated with the same level of consistent quality. PCB documentation must capture all of the information necessary to not only build the product today, but also any repeat builds in the future—eliminating any guesswork.

Panel Editor

Panel Editor module is designed for ease of use, with drag-and-drop drawing elements— including PCB views, charts, details, text boxes, and note blocks—that are treated as drawing elements and can be quickly added and modified. Each element can be independently scaled, formatted, and transformed (e.g., rotated, mirrored, flipped). There is no limit on the number of elements that can be placed on a drawing.

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