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OrCAD Component Information Portal

On-Demand Component Data

The Component Information Portal offers Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS users a comprehensive, "off-the-shelf" CIS management environment that includes distributor integration and a component library with a pre-defined set of fields.

The distributor integration provided by the Component Information Portal (CIP) allows OrCAD Capture CIS users to build fully downloadable component content for millions of orderable parts into their existing database. The CIP includes a starter database of over 5,000 components. Each starter database comes complete with symbols and footprints, as a foundation for the successful implementation of CIS. It also provides a predefined database schema to help encourage consistent practices and build a component library that includes complete part data.


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OrCAD CIP Datasheet


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OrCAD CIP benefits

  • Populate your CIS database directly from the real-time online distributor part databases
  • Engineers can search and select distributor parametric data within OrCAD Capture CIS 
  • CIP is equipped with a CIS database which includes a foundation library of components, complete with symbols and footprints
  • Purchasing, librarians and other non-EE individuals can view component information stored within the CIS database through a user friendly web-based interface
  • Administer database privileges based on administrative responsibilities 
  • Capture and update part cost and quantity on hand information at any given time
  • CIP includes an “off-the-shelf” CIS management environment with a pre-defined set of fields 
  • Remote database accessibility
  • Support the following component distributors : Farnell, NEwark, Premier Electronics, DigiKey, Mouser Elctronics, Arrow Electronics and Future Electronics.

Complete Component Information

CIP components include key data such as part number, description, parametric information and RoHS compliance.
Users can also capture and update part cost and quantity on hand information at any given time, reducing delays and allowing designers to make cost trade-offs to reduce expenses. All of this information can be downloaded into the CIS database. Also, part images are available in both the distributor search and CIS database once a part has been downloaded. When components change or are updated, users can schedule automatic email notifications for any new temporary or changed parts within the CIS database.

New Part Introduction

An OrCAD Capture CIS user has the option to create temporary parts which can be used as a place holder within their design.
Often times the temporary part has to go through an extensive internal review process by purchasing, manufacturing, and documentation groups before it can be approved for use. Every new part introduced requires significant administrative overhead to verify and add to the system. The Component Information Portal reduces this administrative overhead because the new parts added will be complete, purchasable, and RoHS compliant.

Manage User Roles

CIP supports user privileges and roles to define access rights to your component data.
This ensures data integrity and gives users access to only the information they need. E-mail notifications can be enabled to inform stakeholders of changes to the component database as they happen keeping everyone in sync. Proper roles and administrative functions encourage accountability and ownership over tasks leading to better completion rates and teamwork.

Starter Library and Database Schema

The CIP single user license includes a starter database of over 2,000 components and the CIP Enterprise edition includes over 5,000 components.
Each starter database comes complete with symbols and footprints, as a foundation for the successful implementation of CIS. This eliminates the time consuming process of populating hundreds of fields of parametric information for components.
The CIP library also implements an off the shelf database schema that is based on EMA's experience implementing databases for hundreds of customers. This schema helps provide users with an automated methodology to implement, populate, and access their part data and  ensures that consistency and proper design practices are being maintained. Without a defined schema component databases are significantly less effective.

Distributor Integration

The CIP database is supported by several large distributors such as Mouser Electronics, Arrow Electronics, Farnell, Newark, Future Electronics, and DigiKey.
This provides users with instant access to component parametric data for millions of parts from thousands of suppliers directly within OrCAD Capture CIS. Using CIP helps users make sure their component data is always current with automated distributor data synchronization capabilities. You can also avoid single source part issues with multi-distributor support using Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS relational database.

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